If only I had a CHL/LTC .... He wouldn't be doing this...
Ok! what is the problem...?{"ENOUGH NO MORE".....}
CHL/LTC certified

For women only..... {I wish I  was CHL certified right now} :

Man robber threatening with gun to terrified young woman outdoors






African American Woman Holding Gun

Don't be scared anymore..CHL/LTC Certified...


This class is for you! the instructors will be very patient

with you.


               {"So don't be intimidated"!}



We offer state approved CHL classes for concealed handgun

license in


both classroom instructor and range qualification

occur at The same facility.This course is a 4 hour class with an

additional 1 hour for firearms qualification.


The CHL certification course will cover the following topics:

The course is designed in modules and must include:


Module 1 ‐ Laws that relate to weapons and to the use of deadly force


Module 2 ‐ Handgun use and safety, including use of restraint holsters

and methods to ensure the secure carrying of openly carried handguns


Module 3 – Non‐violent dispute resolution


Module 4 ‐ Proper storage practices for handguns

with an emphasis on storage practices that eliminate

the possibility of accidental injury to a child.


Topics to be covered:


I. The module is divided into two parts:

• Part A ‐ Laws that relate to carrying a handgun.

• Texas Penal Code Chapter 46

• Texas Penal Code Sections 30.06 and 30.07

• Texas Penal Code Section 42.01

• Government Code §411.2031 Carrying of Handguns

   by License Holders on Certain Campuses

• Government Code §411.2032 Transportation and 

  Storage of Firearms and Ammunition by License

  Holders in Private Vehicles on Certain Campuses

• Government Code §411.173(b‐d) Relating to

  Reciprocity and Unilateral Agreements with other States

• Government Code §411.205 Requirement to Display License

• Labor Code §52.061 Restriction on Prohibiting Employee

  Access to or Storage of firearm or Ammunition

• Federal Law – 18 United States Government Code §930

   and 39 Code of Federal Regulations part §232.1

• Traffic stops for LTC holders

• Part B ‐ Laws that relate to use of force and use of deadly force.

• Texas Penal Code Chapter 9

• Interaction with law enforcement


Written Examination and Proficiency Demonstration

• The student must be given the current DPS LTC

  student test and the student must complete the testindependently. 

•The proficiency demonstration must be conducted by

  a certified Texas LTC Instructor using the current course of fire,

 as determined by the Department of Public Safety. A passing

  score of 70% is required for the written and the proficiency

 demonstration for successful completion.




I. Student Objectives:

Part A •

Identify places where a handgun may/may not be carried by a license holder

• Identify the types ofsigns that may apply to license holders

   including 51%, 30.06 and 30.07 sign

• State the possible outcomes for carrying a handgun while intoxicated

• Know and understand how reciprocity and unilateral agreements

  function and know

  resources available to determine which states are reciprocal/unilateral


Part B

• Be familiar with the laws in Penal Code Chapter 9 related

   to LTC and the use of force

• Know and understand the following terms: reasonable, necessity

• Understand when the use of deadly force can be justified

• Understand the considerations for license holders during

   interactions with law enforcement


Course Fee:


$ 80.00 + Range Fee – CHL certification course 


This fee is in addition to the application fee of $40 that must be sent to

the Texas Department of Public Safety (TDPS).

This course provides the classroom and range time required

by the TDPS and includes the following:

  1. Class Materials
  2. Classroom Instruction
  3. Range Qualifica legal resident of Texas
  4. 21 years of age and legally able to purchase a handgun under the Brady Bill
  5. Have not been convicted of a felony in any state
  6. Have NO convictions of Class A or B misdemeanors in the last 5 years
  7. Are NOT subject to a restraining or protective order
  8. Are NOT delinquent in the payment of taxes child support
  9. or any other fees levied and collected by the State
  10. Are NOT chemically dependent or of unsound mind




 Shooting Proficiency

What you need to bring to class:

  1. Firearm (unloaded) in good working
  2. condition; 22, 32, 38, 9mm caliber or greater
  3. Minimum fifty (50) rounds of ammunition

Firearms rentals and ammunition for purchase are available at the range.


The proficiency test utilizes a B-27 target and 50

rounds of  ammunition.  A total of 20 rounds will be fired at

3 feet, 20 rounds fired at 7 feet and 10 rounds fired at 15 feet. 

A score of 70% is required to pass.


If you believe you will have difficulty passing the proficiency

test with a minimum score of 175 out of 250 points, you should

consider signing up for basic pistol instruction offered by the



We provide individualized training and flexible scheduling.

For more information on Texas Concealed Handgun Licenses

VISIT THE Texas DPS Webs:(www.dps.texas.gov/)

Event Properties
Event date: Open 7:00 am
Event end date: Open 12:00 pm
Available place open
Cut off date Open
Individual Price  
Location The Shooting Gallery                                                





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