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Level Two (II) Course   

 COURSE TITLE:  Re-Qualification     

Level Two(II)

COURSE TIME:       6 Hours (State Mandated)

COURSE FEE:  $75.00


Level III Commissioned Security Officer Continuing Education

& Re- Qualification



Level III Commissioned Security Officer Continuing 
Education & Re-Qualification



 6 Hours (State Mandated)


COURSE FEE:          $75.00


 All course materials, use of Academy Firearms, all required 
 Ammunition,Level III Requal manual, issuance of a course 

 completion certificate (to sucessful students) 



Custom Developed Microsoft® PowerPoint Presentation      

Level III ReQualification Manual.          


AGE:                            18 Years of Age, Minimum.


If you are interested in Re-Qualifying  as armed commissioned

security officer you will be required to attend eight (8) hours of

classroom/firearms training in accordance with the rules set

forth in Chapter 1702 of the Texas Occupations Code.  

A portion of this training involves Continuing Education with a

course on Ethics”.


NOTE:  As of Sept. 1st, 2005 (as amended by House Bill 1132 in

the 79th Texas Legislature) Shotgun Qualification is no longer 

required as part of an "Original Commission" or"ReQualification." 

If you would like to include the Shotgun as part of your training it 

can be provided for an additional $25 fee.  Your certificate of 

training will reflect that you qualified and were proficient

with a Shotgun. Your commission card will also reflect Shotgun

status which will allow you to carry a Shotgun in performance of

your duties as a Commissioned Security Officer (provided your 

current company policy(employer) does not prohibit the carry

of Shotguns.)


Topics presented are: 


 Ethics and Standards of Conduct, Useof 

Deadly Force, Violations by Commissioned Officers, Standards of

Conduct, Function of Security Officers, Arrest Authority, Article 14.01

of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, Article 18.16 of the Texas

Code of Criminal Procedure, Chapter 42.01 of Texas Penal Code,

Chapter 9 Use of Deadly Force, Use of Force Concepts, Firearms

Marksmanship, NRA Certified Firearm Safety Procedures, and



The course fee includes the use of a new 9mm Semi-Automatic

Handgun & required ammunition, as well as pre-paid range fees

and use of hearing and eye protection.


Students who which to qualify with their own handgun, rather than a

new Academy owned weapon, must provide fifty(50) rounds of 9mm

or 38 calibur ammunition and a quality manufactured handgun.

No discount in the course fee will be offered for students using their

own handgun.  However, you must qualify with at least a 9mm

semi-automatic or 38 caliber revolver (as required by Chapter 1702

of the Texas Occupations Code).  Any handgun with a smaller caliber

than a 9mm or 38 will not be accepted under State Law.  If you wish to

qualify with your own Handgun prior arrangements must be made

with the Academy. Otherwise, you will be expected to qualify

with the Academy supplied 9mm.  Please call us directly to discuss

qualifying with your own handgun. 



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